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Chisholm Services is a leader in Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD), backed by the strength of seasoned professionals with over 100 years of combined experience in the industry. We offer HDD services to clients throughout the North American continent for water, sewer, oil and gas pipeline installation projects.

If you are seeking an experienced drilling company to assist you with your next major drilling project, the Horizontal Directional Drilling specialists of Chisholm Services are committed to helping you achieve the results you need.


Chisholm Services is committed to excellence in planning, design and installation of pipeline crossings for our clients in the public and private sector.

Continually insuring integrity of workmanship and delivering quality installation, utilizing the method of Horizontal Directional Drilling. Chisholm Services promotes environmental stewardship by continued investment in the newest technologies available and the vigilant use of our industry’s Best Practices Standards.


The HDD professionals of Chisholm Services have serviced the pipeline industry for over a decade and have developed many of the tools and techniques used in the drilling industry today. As one of the Nation’s leaders in the field of HDD for pipeline installation there were many first.

An example, Chisholm Services was one of first companies to ever drill and install large diameter ductile iron pipe, by HDD.

We have always had the vision to take on the challenging assignments and to adjust to the unique demands of each project and client. Our clients have come to rely on the strength, integrity and stability of Chisholm Services.

With an expansive inventory of drilling machinery, Chisholm Services has the equipment, financial stability, and expertise to commit to large projects and see them through to completion.

Yes, experience makes a difference and a decade of quality HDD services to the pipeline industry is proof of that expertise.

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