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Chisholm Services has made a strong commitment to our employees and clients not only to make safety first or last, but safety always.  It's not just a slogan, but a culture instilled in every employee from the bottom up.  It is an ongoing team effort to provide a safe and environmentally friendly workplace.


We have made tremendous strides in our safety program by implementing Behavior Based Programs, extensive OSHA training and Safety Prevention Programs.

Job Safety Analysis (JSA) meetings are conducted daily on location by the company superintendent and designed to focus on not only general safety practices, but highlight site hazard conditions.

At Chisholm Services, we take pride in using the latest methods and technologies in horizontal directional drilling (HDD) to minimize the impact of pipeline installation on the environment. Marshlands, streams, rivers, and other delicate ecosystems can all be easily disrupted or damaged by traditional surface trenching. When installing pipeline in or near an ecologically sensitive area, HDD offers an ideal alternative.

We understand how important it is to complete each major drilling project with as little environmental disturbance as possible. Our HDD methods have been successfully used for many years on projects that involve working in and around environmentally sensitive areas.  We strive to minimize the environmental impact every time.



Horizontal directional drilling offers a low-impact option for installing water, sewer, or oil and gas pipelines. Instead of open cutting a site for laying pipeline, we drill and install pipeline underground to disturb the surface as little as possible. Combined with careful planning and project management, this method allows us to complete major infrastructure projects in an environmentally responsible manner.

As municipalities and communities increasingly recognize the importance of environmental preservation, it becomes ever more critical to have an environmentally conscious option for major pipeline projects. HDD can be applied to meet a variety of municipal restrictions and unique conditions, such as saving stands of mature trees, park space, and golf courses by drilling around or underneath the site. HDD is also a useful method for installing pipeline near historic sites, office buildings, and crossings under and along roadways.

The underground drilling approach of HDD minimizes the impact of drilling on soils, nutrient cycling, water quality, habitats, and other important environmental systems and processes. Our ability to complete complex drilling projects with little environmental disturbance sets Chisholm Services apart as a national leader in horizontal directional drilling. Experience makes a difference and a decade of quality HDD services to the pipeline industry is proof of that expertise.


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