The oil and gas exploration has come to the forefront of industries important to the continued prosperity of our country. To continue to provide the country with new sources of energy, the oil and gas industry is finding horizontal directional drilling to be an excellent method of building its infrastructure in and around urban areas and environmentally sensitive ecosystems. This efficient and environmentally friendly method of installing pipeline has continued to grow over the last decade.

From the beginning Chisholm Services became a trusted partner of many major oil and gas clients. We are valued for our knowledge of the industry and our extensive experience in the field. We are often called upon to complete the most challenging of projects due to our ability to come up with innovative solutions to complex issues.

We continually strive to improve our methods to better serve our customers. We utilize the best practices standards and methods adopted by the industry and we continue to have an excellent safety record. This is yet another reason so many companies in the oil and gas industry rely on Chisholm Services for their horizontal directional drilling and installation of pipelines.