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The Alliance Corridor Project is a strategic part of the overall plan by QuickSilver Resource Company for transporting natural gas from multiple well sites across the Barnett Shale reserves of Texas. This allows for an efficient method of transporting and processing the products to the market place.

This region is primarily urban and heavily congested with underground utilities. Additionally, the area is crisscrossed by many existing pipelines requiring a horizontal directional drilling company with a proven record of performance and accuracy. QuickSilver Resources looked to Chisholm Services for that experience and leadership.


Most of the gathering system consists of dual lines for natural gas and saltwater. The reason QuickSilver chose the dual line system was to transport saltwater to disposal sites as an alternative to using tanker trucks for removal of that saltwater. This option will result in less truck traffic in the surrounding communities and has a positive environmental benefit. Utilizing the skills of Chisholm Service's design team and state of the art bore tracking equipment, the side-by-side pipelines are installed closer together and more accurately, thus saving valuable space in these urban areas. Due to the collective efforts of many skilled and dedicated individuals, this project has become a great success story for Chisholm Services and QuickSilver Resources.

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